Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Tue 5/26/09 7:52 AM
Hey, This week was pretty good, not quite as good as last week though. It's good to feel not so new. I was able to open up the pics this time, very cute; so are Jordan and her "goin' out" now? Man, it sounds like he's growing! Glad I never bullied him or anything or I'd be scared to go home. I don't have much of a workout routine right now, I'm just doing pushups for the days I have been out, adding one more each day - so hopefully ill be up to like 700 when i come home, haha. We will probably be moving in with some members who have an awesome home gym though too, so that will be nice.

We just put together our bikes last week, but we haven't used them yet. We will have to start using them this week though because we only have a couple miles left for the rest of the month with the car. I'm lucky that Elder Vance is a good mechanic, because I forgot everything you showed me about puting the bike together. I would have probably figured it out if I had to though. The weather is amazing her right now, warm with just enough breeze, and there aren't too many bugs out yet. You can continue to do email if you want, but its nice to get letters too. dearelder.com would be convenient for that, I'd think. I haven't received Hannah's and Jordan's letters yet, but hopefully this week.

So, one main highlight of this week was when we had to rescue Elder Caldwell and and his companion after they got into an accident- I'm sure you probably read about that yesterday in Elder Caldwell's email. They were fine, but the car had to be towed to the Chevy dealership. It was funny because that morning we were doing service with them at a food pantry, and we were just talking about the Elders who had gotten in accidents and how inconvenient it would be to be in one.

Another crazy thing that happened was on Sunday when we were out and about, actually on our way to a dinner. And we saw a lady pulled over with her hazards on, so Elder Vance decided we should go help her and we turned around and parked in a parking lot by where they were. When we walked down to the car, we realized there was a man in the back of the car groaning and kicking - he was having a heart attack. It was pretty scary. We asked the lady if there was anything we could do, but she just said she had already called 911 and they were on the way. So, we just decided to pray. As we knelt and prayed for the man (Ralph), one of the paramedics pulled up behind the lady's van. We she started checking out the man, and lady (Cheryl) walked around by us. We were really simpathetic to her, and asked again if there was anything we could do for her, and she just said "Just give me a hug", so I did. I wasn't sure if she would ever let go. Another ambulance pulled up, and the driver happened to be the second counselor in our ward's bishopbric who we had been talking to alot at church, and we could tell he was really surprised to see us standing there. Cheryl was pretty comforted and hopeful to hear that we prayed for her husband, and Elder Vance told her that he felt like everything would be alright. She called us "her angels", to one of the paremedics and to us. I didn't feel like we did anything, but I guess just to have us there was comforting to her. After they took her husband, we waited with her for her sister to come, and talked to her for a bit. We gave her our number to call us if she needed anything, so we hope she will. Okay, well I look foreward to more letters and emails from you guys. Love you! Elder Vogan