Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Mon 8/02/10 9:01 AM
Wow, congrats to Jordan Burr! What a cool mission call! Hope all goes well with Jordan Vogan's wisdom teeth. It went really smooth for me, except that my stomach was sensitive to the codine in my pain medication. It's always cool to hear about little Charli, and I can't wait to get your letter with the pictures of her!

My week was really busy and pretty eventful, but not much to say at the same time. We had two district meetings, interviews, stake presidency MCM with President Jones, and a really long leadership training. All that, along with working with other missionaries, took up most of our time this week, but we still managed to teach several solid lessons in our area too.

Our mission, or at least our zone, seems to be in a rut right now, and that isn't fun. It might be because of the new change with President Jones coming in, and the new focus that he brought with him. It seems like most missionaries are a lot less focussed and missionary work isn't the number 1 priority like it has been to most of missionaries I've worked with throughout my mission. I don't know if our zone has ever reported teaching less lessons and working with less people than we did this week. It was really bad. In our whole zone, only one person that we are working with is preparing for baptism. Elder Radle and I are working to correct this and motivate everyone to work better, especially the district leaders who can pump up their districts in district meeting.
I apologize for my bummer email this week; next week's will be better!

Love you,

Elder Vogan