Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Mon 3/22/10 11:47 AM
Hi family,
I am feeling perfect right now, so no need to worry - it was just a 24 hour flu; Tuesday morning I was up early and ready to go. I'm glad you got my package. Yeah, when I was packing to come to Rapids and decided to buy a box and send home anything I won't need out here. Haha, that is really funny about Megan and the cheesehead! That is a suvenier from when I took the tour at Lambeau Field. Mom and Jordan can "take care of" my glasses while I'm away. I still have the other ones I bought before the mission out here.

That's awesome to hear about all the missionaries going out! Man, soon that will be Jordan Vogan getting his call too! Also, I got a very cute card from the young women in the ward there - Thank you, Hannah! and tell the girls and Sister Jasper thank you as well!

Work is going very well here! Star is a 20 year-old single mother who was baptized two weeks before I got here, and she is the most solid new member ever. Her 19 year-old brother, Eli(Elijah), came home on Thursday from being away, and she called us that afternoon to have us come over and teach him that night. He now has a baptism date for April 17th! He is nearly as solid as she is, but he has some things he needs to overcome before then. He is very genuine and sincere though, and he knows already that what we have taught him is true. So, it has been good teaching him, and we will teach him again tonight.

We have also been really strengthening our relationship with the members here, and they love us. So, hopefully that will help them to trust us and give us referrals, and teach with us. Our other investigators that I talked about before are about where they were at last time I wrote about them :/. We are workin though.

Well I love you, and I will especially keep Whit and Charli in my prayers, so let me know how that is going in my next email! Have a great week!

Elder Vogan