Friday, June 4, 2010


Wed 6/02/10 12:54 PM
I couldn't write on Monday because of the holiday, and yesterday was really booked, but we made time for emailing today! Those pictures of Elder Molano were awesome! He looks really good! I'll probably get the package at zone conference. Transfers went well; I'm still adjusting to the new area. Yeah, right when we got in town, we got to see the Kabitzkes and the DuCharmes! It was sweet. When I was there, I felt like I hadn't ever left, except for the fact that Brandon and Tyler had each grown at least a couple inches. Zone Leader duties actually used to be less work than district leader until a couple months ago when President Barrett felt inspired that we need to be out of our areas working with other missionaries 50% of the time. So, now we spend just as much time with the missionaries as the district leaders, but our area of responsibility is bigger. Elder Radle and I are over two districts for this zone. Instead of being responsible for training missionaries every week at district meeting, we are assigned to give only one training a transfer at zone conference. We do attend district meetings and help the district leaders with whatever they need though. Our main goal is to help the district leaders to be solid, so they can progress the work within the districts. This assignment was less intimidating to me than training and being the district leader.

Something cool now is that one of the district leaders is Elder Stevens - the missionary I trained! Yesterday, we went on a three-way exchange with Elder Stevens' area and one of the areas in his district, Lake Michigan. Elder Radle stayed in Elder Stevens' area with his companion, and he and I went to Lake Michigan. It was like old times working together. We did a lot of good work in Lake Michigan too - taught 8-9 lessons and found 5 or 6 people who said they would like to learn more. The exchange was only for 3 hours during the afternoon too! I was awesome.

We've done two other exchanges as well since I've been here. Friday, we went to the beach in downtown Milwaukee and played soccer with a bunch of "hood figures". haha. It was a lot of fun. President likes us to get out there and be seen, and play sports as a finding activity. The City Elders have done really well with that already, finding a few new investigators through sports. The day after that, we did the same thing, but we played streetball basketball in a cage court. That day was such good work for us. We spent the whole day in the city inviting and teaching everyone we saw. There were so many people out and about that we didn't need to knock on any doors to talk to people. It was Elder Radle, me, and one of the assistants. All you have to do in the city for people to talk to you is to ask if they love Jesus. They all answer the same way, and they all want us to teach them.

My companion bio: Elder Greg Radle; just turned 22; from North Ogden, UT; I served right next to him during my first transfer while he was in the office; since the office, he has served as zone leader in different areas throughout the mission; he wants to be a pharmacist when he grows up (something I might do too..?); he likes working out, and I told him that I'll help him get a six pack by the end of the time I am serving with him; he wants to go to Utah State; likes hunting and long walks on the beach; goes home in December; he snow shoed up Lewis peak once; he likes to snow board; he is an awesome guy and an awesome companion; very easy to get along with; in the words of President Barrett, "If you don't love Elder Radle, you can just get out of America."

Well, that's it. Good luck with summer, girls camp, the new cute puppy, and good luck to Whitney with the baby!


Elder Vogan