Monday, September 21, 2009



Mon 9/21/09 12:11 PM
Hey Mom,
Yup, I am spoiled out here! I have met Kenny Banks at one of the baptisms I went to a couple transfers ago. I can’t remember what ward he was in though, maybe West Allis? But that will be crazy to see the Thompsons, if I do. If you want to send some stuff out with them you can, that would be cheaper. You can put some money in my account, and that will be helpful for when I am shopping for winter clothes. Speaking of accounts, I am still anxious to hear about any Mexbank updates. I’d rather be spending my money than yours. But yeah, we are really looking foreword to getting your jam.

The topic of your talks sounded like a good one. And that’s crazy what happened with Dad’s talk – maybe he just wasn’t supposed to read whatever he was writing in preparation. I’m glad it ended up working out well.

I’m glad Megan is doing better now; although it doesn’t sound to me like she is with how you described her: pale, bruised, and “skinny skinny”. Yeah, I bet it is tough for Jordan having all the youth in the whole stake going to a different school. Hopefully sports will be good for him when he does volleyball and stuff. And yeah, it seems like Hannah is turning into a whole different person now, all confident and stuff. That’s so good! Tyler and Branden Du Charme both think she’s a cutie.

Well this week went pretty well. We began teaching a new investigator, Zak. He is a 14 year-old, who is in a part-member family. The sister missionaries have taught him a little bit, but they think we would be better. And they are still teaching his sisters, Sammi and Kayla. The mom is a member, and she really wants them to be baptized, but the dad is pretty much anti-Mormon, so that’s interesting. The whole family missed church yesterday, though, because Sammi and Zak got really sick.

Doug and Steve are both still progressing slowly. Steve blew off church yesterday for the Packer game, and Doug slept in too late for sacrament but came for the rest. So, we were totally expecting at least three investigators at sacrament meeting, but we got none. That was a bummer, but we did really well with teaching lessons with members this week, which we usually don’t do as well with. We ended up teaching 9 of them. We are excited to be in a new transfer now, and we have set some new goals to help us see more success during these next six weeks. Unfortunately, I have a feeling that this will be my last transfer here, but hopefully I’m wrong!

Thank you for your prayers. Know that I’m praying for you too! I hope Dad does well with the hunt, and that you do well with watching Donny Osmond's dance moves!

Elder Vogan