Monday, January 3, 2011


Mon. 1/3/11
Happy New Years! Happy Birthday Dad! and Happy Birthday to Hannah in a couple of days! From Dad's email, it sounds like things are going really well at home. I'm glad you found your key's, Mom. I got the box of oranges, thank you!

This week has gone really well for us here in Wausau. The ward here is very missionary-minded, and we were able to teach quite a few lessons, bringing members with us. We've also started doing "family mission plans" with a few different families, and they all seem to be excited. Andra Andrews continues to progress in here knowledge and faith, and she continues to prepare for her baptism this Friday. We've been keeping daily contact with her and having simple lessons with her several times a week, and it's really been helping her. Since she committed firmly to keep the Word of Wisdom two Saturdays ago, she hasn't picked up a cigarette or drank any coffee. She almost missed church this week. As she, her daughter, and her daughters family were getting in the car ready to go, on one of the coldest days since I've been back out here, the car door wouldn't close. It must have been frozen or something..? But as we looked around for them during the beginning of sacrament meeting and not seeing them, we checked the phone and they had called several times. The message they left, Andra's daughter was in tears, they asked if there was any way someone could help. So we asked one of our recent convert members we were sitting by, and he was willing to go with us to pick them up. We couldn't drive them in our car. But yeah, so it worked out! I'm just glad we decided to check the phone. And now we are excited for Friday!

This week, Elder Lester and I will be giving 2 trainings - 1 at Elder Lokboj's district meeting on "vision", and 1 for zone conference, which is this Thursday. It will be my first time conducting for a zone conference as well, so that should be good.

I love the work! I'm so happy to be out here!

Love you!
Elder Vogan