Monday, October 5, 2009


Mon 10/05/09 4:51 PM
Hey Mom, I apologize, this will be a much shorter email than normal because we are in a hurry tonight. But yeah, thank you so much for the awesome package with all the great goodies! That jam and bread is delicious as always. And it was really cool to have the Thompsons deliver it for you. They took us to lunch at Taco Bell on Friday. Yes, general conference was a blast! A lot of powerful stuff spoken. Alot about "love" it seemed, so that's a big thing I'll be taking from it. Man, you guys are going to Mazatlan? I'm sure that will be a lot of fun! But yeah, that work is moving along. Steve and Doug both did not attend any of conference though, which was a bummer. I heard alot of great things they both could have benefited from. Zak watched some, as well as this other investigator we just began talking to, named Paul. He is an interesting person... I will tell you more next week about it!

Love you! Elder Vogan


Mon 9/28/09 9:05 AM
Wow, those are some awesome pictures, Dad! Congrats on the elk! I wish I could help you eat some of it. That's crazy that all those people are getting married; I kinda wonder who won't be when I get home, haha. I haven't received anything from Julie Moore, but I do think it's fun talking to her dad alot out here. He actually walked by us as we were teaching Steve outside on the grass in front of the church, and we asked him to bear his testimony, and that was really cool. Yeah, I talked to the Thompson's son on Sunday about the package, and I gave him our number and everything so we can meet up when it comes. I am excited for it! We have some awesome dinner roles that I am not eating too because I know how good they'll be with that jam.

It is starting to get a little cooler here. Today, we had to take in our car because a couple days ago, when we started the car, the 'check engine' light and traction control things were messed up. So after we dropped it off at the dealership, we decided to walk to the stake center to play basketball, and I was getting pretty cold. We found out just a little bit ago that it was messed up because some mice got into the engine in the night and decided to start building a nest with our car parts. They chewed through the fuel injectors and stuff, so we will be without a car for about a week while they wait for the parts. So it will be interesting to see how we can make it to all the appointments we have set up for the week..

We set two baptism dates with Steve and Zak this past week, which both seem pretty good. Steve didn't think we would be up for going to the Catholic church that he grew up going to, but we went with him yesterday, and that was an interesting experience. I have been to a few different churches since I've been out here, and it's always cool to see the similarities and differences of what different people believe. We met with Zak a couple times this week, and for a fourteen year-old guy, he has a much stronger testimony than I thought he had. The only problem with him is that his dad is pretty anti-Mormon and might not consent to his baptism. We had zone conference this week as well, and that is always awesome. It always helps to show us how we can be better and more effective.

Well, this is it for today! I love you and will talk to you soon!

-Elder Vogan