Friday, April 30, 2010


Mon 4/26/10 11:01 AM
Hey family,
Yes, I got the package; Thank you so much! The pictures were awesome! I can't wait to see Whitney's cute little baby in a couple months! I am sad to hear that you guys had some sicknesses last week. I hope everyone is over that, especially Jordan and Hannah with their "big weeks".

That's awesome that Nyal is reporting soon to the MTC! He is going to the same mission as the three elders I roomed with in the MTC: Elder Butikofer, Elder Duthie, and Elder Cranney. That's crazy to hear that everyone is leaving Las Sendas. I hope none of the families were too devastated by it. "Come what may and love it" is all we can do, after all we can do. Hmm, I don't know if you should get a dog... I'm pretty sure I know what the outcome would be. (Megan eats dog poop) Although I have grown to like Labs out here. It seems like everyone has one of those in Wisconsin. Haha yeah, Mandy and Saige told me that they added Jordan on Facebook. They are both really cool. Mandy is Cody's younger sister.

But yeah, this week went really well! We had zone conference on Wednesday, and that, of course, was uplifting and motivating. We learned about each investigator needing their own "restoration". They each need their James 1:5 and they each need their sacred grove. And ultimately, they each need to kneel humbly, and sincerely pray with a desire to know and to do what God wants them to do. So, we had a training from President Barrett and setting the stage so that our investigators will pray. It was sweet.

Cassie Wills (Star and Eli's friend) is still progressing well. Mid-last week her parents told her that they had changed their minds, and that she would have to wait to be baptized until she was 18. But then on Sunday, after hearing that she told the young womens class that she may be getting baptized on the 8th of May, we asked her about it. She said that her dad had changed his mind and would convince her mom to let her be baptized if she can show that she is doing it for the right reasons, and not just because Star and Eli were baptized. So that's where we are at with her. We actually have two other girls (Stephanie and Tanisha) in that same boat: wanting to be baptized with parents unwilling to give permission.

So that's pretty much it for the week! I look forward to hearing from you next week!


Elder Vogan