Monday, July 6, 2009


Mon 7/06/09 9:10 AM
Well today will be the shortest email yet, I think. We have plans to go out to downtown Milwaukee and eat at this place called The Safehouse with the other Elders pretty soon. It's a "secret" restaurant hidden in an allyway and you need to have a password to get in and stuff - I hear its pretty cool. I apologize for not writing you back after your last letters, Hannah and Jordan, it's really difficult to find time to write letters if we are exactly obedient in following the schedule - which we are really trying to do. I really enjoyed the birthday package! And the bread is still good; I actually had some last night - thank you Mom! The Du Charmes and Elder Vance love it too, and Mike Moore had some when he came over and also really liked it. And Hannah, that pop-up book is awesome! Haha I don't even know how you were able to do it. I have it taped up on my wall above my desk. We've been listening to the cd's too, thanks for those!

This week, we had zone conference again, and it went really well - really motivating. Friday, the 3rd, we went to this lakeside picnic/party by the lake and watched a firework show. And then on Saturday, we went out to a couple of parades for different cities, and then we went to that fair and went on rides and watched fireworks. The people we were with both of these nights were mostly not members of the Church, so we might have an opportunity to teach some of them more than we did. It was a really fun week, and we invited a lot of different people to let us teach them. It's crazy how many people think we are either Jehovah's Witnesses or FBI agents, haha. Well, I gotta get going, but I love you! And tell Megan I love her and miss her too! Thank you for all the emails this week, that was awesome!

-Elder Vogan