Monday, April 5, 2010


Mon 4/05/10 2:36 PM
Happy Easter!
Yes, I also loved conference this weekend! It was one of the best that I remember, and it went so fast! That is really cool that the family did that question thing before it; that is actually what we told the people we are working with that they should do. It was very interesting how close the topics were this conference, with the emphasis on the family and especially parenting. They aren't assigned topics or anything, so it strengthens my testimony of their inspired calling and helping us to know for sure what the Lord wants us to know. As missionaries (at least my companion and I), we will be sure to focus our message even more on the importance of home and the family. I think my favorite talk(s) this conference were between President Uchtdorf's and President Eyring's priesthood session talks. But there were a lot of other great talks, so it's hard to choose. When we heard Elder Perry talk about coming to Milwaukee, we indeed did high five and cheer. haha. We haven't gotten to watch the last session yet, but we are planning to do that for FHE at the Swearingen's tonight. (We were at their non-member family's easter dinner yesterday afternoon.) So I haven't heard the story yet about the Forests.

Haha, yeah that is weird that my 'hump day' is coming up. A year used to seem like a long time..? Well, I am having the time of my life, so I'm glad I still have another year to go. (Although I do really miss my family!) If you want to send me a package, you should send it to the mission home, just in case I get transferred next week.- Hopefully I won't be going yet, but who knows. Haha, Sister Swearingen told me yesterday that she was being my advocate in getting more packages from home.. haha. So for this package, hmm, you could send mints... and maybe a couple snickers and reese's.. or for healthy stuff, you could send out some protein bars/powder... cd's would be great if you want to (efy music is good).. I don't know, random things are fun too.

So other than conference, last week went really well for us too! We taught quite a few lessons, and Cody Swearingen was with us during most of the week. One of the zone leaders even gave him a blank name tag, which he wears now when he comes out with us. He loves tracting too, so we've taken him with us a couple times. His neighbors right behind his house are actually pretty interested. The are engaged and about to have their first baby, so they are in a position where they are starting to think about spiritual and important things.

Eli is doing really well also. He watched all 5 sessions of conference, with the help of the good ward members we have. He told us many times that the messages he heard changed his life, and he talked alot about how great the weekend was. The thing we are working with him now to do is helping him apply the things he is learning. He is definitely going through a true repentance process, but I'm not sure how real the gospel is to him yet. He talks kind of abstractly about it. But he is definitely on track for his baptism on the 17th. Just please keep praying for him.

We also found some people that live near a part-member family we teach who were way open, and they even accepted baptism commitments for the 1st of May. (Shona, Billy, Jen, Roxy, and Don) They have a lot to change and a long road before they can be baptized, but if they are as sincere and exercise the faith they need to, it will happen.

So that's about all I'll write today. I hope you have a wonderful week!

Love you,

Elder Vogan