Monday, March 1, 2010


Mon 3/01/10 9:54 AM
Happy New Week,Well, this transfer is coming to an end already, and I found out that I am being transferred. Most people don't find out where they are going until tomorrow, but I found out last night from president Barrett that I am going to Wisconsin Rapids to be the new district leader there! It will be good to have more responsibility. Every time I start to feel really confident and good about myself and the work, I either get transferred or get a new challenge - in this case, I get both. It will be good, and I know I'll grow from it. My new companion will be Elder Quinney who was in my district at the MTC, so that will be fun. He is an outgoing guy, who can be off-the-wall at times, but he is a dedicated and obedient missionary, so we'll do work. I'm bummed though that I won't be here for the baptisms and that I only got to be with Elder Lester for one transfer. He is such a good missionary and teacher!

This past week was fun and fruitful. We had two Hmong volleyball nights on Thursday and Friday evening because Thao Yang's younger brother was coming home from his mission Saturday night, and the Yang's had a lot of family in town. We a had a sign-up sheet for those who came, if they wanted to learn more about the church, and we had a dvd about President Monson playing in the hallway. It is a great finding activity. I learned how to spike really well by a couple of the really good volleyball players, so I am excited to play with Jordan and Hannah when I get home!

We had 7 investigators, and 9 total non-members come to church yesterday - another great week! Sister Lee and her family are loving coming to church. The girls are making good friends, and Sister Lee is feeling loved by the Relief Society. For some reason though, Sister Lee said that she doesn't want the girls to be baptized until August.. (What?!) We aren't taking it too seriously though. I think it will happen within the next 6 weeks with Bishop Jones and Elder Yang's help. The girls are ready NOW.

Sacrament Meeting yesterday was really good - Elder Yang's homecoming. He actually served in Sacramento, and he knew Elder Molano! He is a spiritual giant and a very humble guy. His mom gave a talk and testimony in Hmong and he translated for her, and then he gave his talk. It was a very spiritual meeting. We had Britney Matzen with us at church, and it was her first time there. And she was crying the whole time because the Spirit touched her so much; maybe even more than everyone else. She is the girl who had cancer with the Greenfield's daughter, and I called Sister Greenfield and told her about it this morning. Britney stayed for all 3 hours and loved it. She learned a lot and made friends with some of the young women too. Now we(they) just need to help the rest of the family come.

Thank you for forwarding "vogatron"s (Uncle Mike or Uncle Jim?) message! I really liked that story! Something along those lines happened this week too when we were teaching Mary Jane White. We were teaching her 'Faith in Jesus Christ', and I had this analogy come to me when I was teaching, "When people say, 'Show me a miracle and THEN I'll believe' is like saying, 'Make me lose weight, and THEN I'll do the diet' - faith precedes the miracle." All of us at the lesson laughed and thought that was a good analogy.

Well, that's it for this week. I will tell you all about my new area and companion next week!

Elder Vogan