Monday, May 24, 2010


Mon 5/24/10 10:16 AM
Happy Monday!
Haha, what did Sister Swearingen write on facebook? But yeah it's true; I will be transferring to Sussex/Parkway (Milwaukee North Stake), and I will be serving as zone leader with Elder Radle. That should be awesome - I love Elder Radle! Do you remember that picture of me carrying that really big guy from the beginning of my mission? That's Elder Radle. Being zone leader should be a good growing experience for me too. Milwaukee North is the most condensed zone and stake with members in the mission (more members per capita), so I imagine I'll be spending less time in cars and more time outside this summer. Elder Quinney will be staying in Rapids for at least one more transfer - lucky. Two transfers wasn't enough time to spend here. I'll be having my last dinner at the Swearingen's tonight. Something cool is that on Wednesday, the night before transfers, 2 of our investigator families (The Sigmans and the Gundersons) are going to have a going away dinner party for me. We are going to have a traditional Wisconsin cookout with burgers and brats, and cake and brownies!

That puppie is really cute. How old is he? I think Sully would be a good name. I can just imagine Megan saying, "So-ley". It's great to here about all the awesome things going on: the baby shower, the temple dedication, the Suns, and the shows. No one is following basketball that we talk to out here, so the only updates I get are from you. I'm glad Whitney is getting so spoiled with love!

So, the work has still been going great! We taught Cassie's brother, Ryan, but not her dad. We were going to set a baptism date with Ryan, but we chose not too yet because of his severe dislexia and less-accountable-ness. We feel like Bishop would need to okay that one. If Cassie's dad was also getting baptized with him, I would feel better about it too. Britney and Joe Sigman are still really solid! I'm sad that I won't be here for their baptism. They came to church again this week and loved it. The ward has done so well with fellowshipping them at activities they've been to that they fit right in and already feel comfortable. They follow through with every commitment right when we extend each one to them. One lesson this week, we left kind of a lot for them to read, and they had it all read that night before they said prayers together and went to bed. This is the kind of missionary work I love to be a part of!

Well, I will talk to you next week, and I'll let you know how I'm settling in to Milwaukee!


Elder Vogan