Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Mon 6/01/09 4:49 PM
Hi Amy,
Just wanted to send a few more pictures of the Elders trying to teach our dog some tricks. The Elders were over on Friday evening. We found out that since it was the end of the month they were out of food, money and mileage. They were full of faith that the Lord would provide...or they would fast:) No worries, they left well fed with t-bones and fresh baked peanut butter cookies. Sent a few frozen pizzas along with them too...just in case.

I'm happy to report that Elder Vogan's black eye is all healed. He related all his mishaps over dinner. Elder Vance was amazed and decided it is a good thing he is the driver:) Sounds like he's going to keep an extra eye on Elder Vogan's safety:)

Anyway, we may see them again on Wednesday. I called them today to make sure they had meals for the week and commented that I didn't see the missionary dinner sign up sheet at church yesterday. They told me the Mission Pres did away with the calendars and someone has been assigned to call members to set up appts for them. In the meantime, they didn't have any appts for this week. Again, they were not concerned and are certainly practicing the commandment to, "Take ye no thought what tomorrow will bring..." They are such faithful servants. I told them to come over tonight if nothing turned up. Well, they ended up with an appt. In the meantime I had called and told my mom and she will have them tomorrow night and us on Wed if no schedule is made.
Rest assured, we will see to it that they are well-nourished.

I hope all is well with you and your family.

Take care!


Mon 6/01/09 9:42 AM
Hey guys! I got your letters last Tuesday right after we did emails, hopefully you got my letters by now! I will answer all your questions first, Dad. On P-days out here, we usually start the day, after morning study, by jamming with Elder Vance's keyboard and guitar. Haha, we've actually made up some pretty cool songs. The main things of the day to get done are emails, laundry, and shopping. And after we get all that done we play alot of sports for hours, alot of basketball and some soccer and frisbee. We will be getting a football today too so that will be cool. And then after dinner we finish up the day with proselyting.

It's wierd to see that alot of our investigators actually slowed down after getting dates. William and Ashley, we haven't been able to teach and they haven't been to church in awhile because William started getting really sick; he was thinking about going to the hospital yesterday. Steve and Shelley are not progressing at all anymore, which is also not cool. They were supposed to come to church the past couple weeks but didn't, so we may have to drop them. LJ Little is one that is still doing well; his entire family is active already though, but we count him as an investigator at church anyway. Nate is also doing some crazy stuff now. He was all set up and excited to be baptized on the 6th, but when we talked to him on the phone the other day he was irratated at us for telling people he had a date, for ridiculous reasons. But yeah, now he will most likely be postponing that date.

We met a new guy named John last week, though, and he is awesome. We will have a date for him next time we meet im sure. It's funny because his sister is a Lutherin minister, but she wants him to be a member of our church. I think she will end up joining our church too because she has nothing bad to say about it, and she told us things like: "Oh, I'd be the perfect little Mormon girl" and "A mom couldn't want anything more than for her daughther to marry a nice young LDS guy". We biked once last week for the first time, and it was pretty fun, and it made us pretty sore. Haha. Everything is working great though. I may request that "big butt girl seat" actually. That's cool that you got that Sci-Vation Extend stuff. I remember everyone on bb.com talking it up alot, i always wanted to try it.

I hit most of what i was going to write anyway while answering those questions, but one new thing is that i found out ill be speaking in our ward on Father's Day. The topic is: "I want to be like my father because..." So, I'll send you my talk in a few weeks. Okay well I'm getting off now, good luck with everything.
Love you! Elder Taylor Vogan