Monday, June 8, 2009


Mon 6/08/09 11:57 AM
Hey, Thank you, Dad, for checking my debit account for me and adding more in that, im glad it wasn't overdrafting. I will try hard not to use any of it, but its good in case of emergencies. I still haven't gotten Mark's package yet, but I'm still looking for it. I bought a pretty nice used keyboard last Monday for $20, so it's fun to have that to play on at night. If you guys want to send me a package some day, it would be nice to that that Suzanne Ciani piano book I bought awhile back.

Well this week went by really fast. On Monday afternoon we played some basketball with some black guys with do-rags from North Milaukee. It was alot of fun; they were really funny. When it was my turn to sit, a guy named Big D and another guy (forgot his name) also sat for that game, and i got to talk with them about our church. It was funny because they totally knew everything that they did that was wrong, and told me they could be missionaries if they didn't do this and this and this and this. Haha. They all were sure not to swear around us and apologized if they slipped something. But anyway, they were interested in being more religious, and i offered to give them some pass along cards and a Book of Mormon, "but only if they would read it", and they were really interested in reading it, so I gave it to them.

That's really cool that Sister Keir is keeping in touch with you now; she is such a nice lady. We did end up going back over there for dinner on Wednesday and ate the best pizza I have ever had - chicken bacon ranch stuffed pizza. And thank you for telling her i like peanut butter! Now she makes us these awesome peanut butter cookies, and just gave us some more yesterday.

Yesterday was an awesome church day. It seemed that there was twice as many people as normal that came, and several non-members and less active members. It was fast and testimony meeting, so it was perfect for them to feel the power of the testimonies that were borne. There are some guys living out here from Salt Lake City, who are selling security systems, and they are awesome missionaries. They have brought probably 8 to 10 people to church, and we are teaching alot of them. Well, I hope to hear from you guys soon! Hope everything is going well there! I havent taken many pictures since being out here, but I'll start doing that and send some home. Love you! Elder Vogan

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