Monday, September 14, 2009


Mon 9/14/09 10:16 AM
Wow, Mom, I almost didn’t get your email this week. When I first logged in, Hannah’s was the only email from home in my inbox, and then myldsmail started getting really bogged down, and we were just about to take off. But we tried it one more time, luckily.

Nope, no baptisms since Rich’s. I’ll be sure to let you know when we have them coming up. We set dates with Doug and Steve a little bit ago, but those were never that solid. We just wanted them to have a goal to work toward. I feel like I don’t need to send photos anymore, since you get so many from facebook now, haha.

However you send me the other Elders’ emails is up to you. Either way is fine.

I’m looking foreword to hearing about and seeing pictures of Dad’s elk when he gets one!

Jordan’s ankle issue doesn’t sound to fun to deal with, but I’m glad to hear he is still working out even with that.

Yes, I would love it if you sent me some of your jam! And if you want to send bread too, that would be awesome.

The work this week went pretty well. We taught more lessons than ever in a week, but we didn’t get any new investigators, which is something we need and are looking foreword to. We got word that Elder Stevens and I will both be staying in the area next transfer, as expected. I’m glad too; I would stay here for my whole mission if I could choose to do that. Transfer day is Friday this week, and we are getting a new sister missionary in the area. Sister Warner will be training her. I can’t think of anything worth writing about from this past week other than that.

Well I love you, and I will write again next week!

Elder Vogan

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