Friday, May 6, 2011



Wow, that's terrible that you got some of your things stolen! Hopefully they do something about your complaint. And that's really cool to hear about Hannah's volleyball game - MVP!! That's exciting that I get to call on Sunday. I will call around that time that you suggested. Yeah, that was fun and unnexpected seeing Brady at the airport while we were waiting for the new missionaries! I though he was going to be in Milwaukee on Monday, so that was really cool! It was really funny just saying "hey, what's up! How's it going!.. alright see ya later!" President Jones didn't know who he was, and so after he walked away, I just said, "yeah, he's my cousin."

Things are going great here in Green Bay! The weather is warming up a bit, and everything is so green again! I new a couple people here already just from being around in the mission, and from being in Manitowoc, which is in the same stake. I got really close to the bishop and his family while I was in Manitowoc, and now he is in the stake presidency, so I'll be seeing him fairly often. My new companion, Elder Peckham, is awesome! He is from a small town near Ephraim and Nephi in Utah. Really cool guy and easy to get along with. He is in his last transfer, but he isn't trunky at all. It's awesome to go out and work and teach, both being experienced. We are working on our teaching pool right now, and we are starting to get members involved. We've talked with our bishop and ward mission leader and we are scheduled to have a sacrament meeting all centered around presenting the ward mission plan. We will have the stake president there and well, and he will be supporting and sharing the stake mission plan and how our plan will fit into that. A lot of thought and effort is going into this, so we are really excited.

Today will be fun! My first real P-day in more than 3 months! I hope you enjoy your trip, and I hope everything is well at home!

Elder Vogan

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