Monday, May 18, 2009


Milwaukee- May, 18, 2009--ELDER BRADY CALDWELL
Well everyone, I got transfered!! I have been in Racine for 6 months now. It was kinda sad to leave but I am kinda glad too. But guess where I got transfered to. Thats right, one of the coolest areas in the Mission. Milwaukee baby!!lol I am now covering 2 wards, the Brookfield ward and the Milwaukee ward. My comp is Elder Roberts and he has been out the same amount of time i have. He was also in my first district in the mission. So he is way cool. he is from Utah.

But my area covers Brookfield, part of New Berlin, part of Milwaukee, and some other small areas, and we live in and cover Wauwatosa! So we live next to the Wisconsin Medial College. So the Milwaukee ward is huge and is full of professional medical people and tons of young couples going to Medical school! They are hilarious, most of them are from Utah and have attended BYU. The Brookfield Ward is the ward that is full of Lawyers and stuff, it is the ritzy part of Milwaukee. It is pretty big too. We have a 2009 Malibu to ourselves, we have a bus pass so that we can go anywhere in Milwaukee county for free, and we have a dinner appointment every night! No exaggeration. lol There is tons of trees in this area, it is beautiful. We can see Downtown Milwaukee in the distance. We also have 8 hours of church on sunday because we got to all of each wards meetings. It was pretty crazy! lol It was pretty tiring. lol

oh oh, I met Elder Taylor Vogan at transfers! I got a photo with him, gave him a hug, and gave him one of my totes. lol He is in Milwaukee area also, in Muskego Lakes ward that covers Franklin Wisconsin and that area. He's way cool. I was telling everyone that he is my cousin (2nd) and they were like, no way. lol Love elder brady Caldwell

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