Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Mon 5/04/09 2:02 PM --MTC
They give us 30 minutes from the time we log in to check messages and write new ones. Yeah, I got the letters the day after I sent the email so thank you! I enjoyed reading all of them, and Jordan's in a retard voice. Haha, the guys in my district get a kick out of the knock knock jokes. And Hannah, yeah, i forgot to leave the charger at home. Do you need me to send it? Or were you able to buy another one? I wasn't too sad about not getting anything actually, there is so much going on that its hard to find time to read them. My P-Day here at the MTC is Monday, so all my letters are sent today too. Yeah, I guess I didn't give too many details in my last email. My companion, Elder Butikofer, is from Idaho Falls, ID, and he's a funny guy. He was a ballroom dancer in high school, so he'll randomly do goofy dance moves when we are walking or in our residence halls, and i have to yell at him. Haha, but its in fun. We get along and work well together, and teach well. We actually just got assigned to be the zone leaders yesterday, so that's going to be cool. It's weird though because he and the other two Elders in my dorm are going to the Louisianna Baton Rouge mission, so its going to be a sad good-bye. I'll be going to Milwaukee with Elder Klc("Kelch") and Elder Quinney from the other room, and we get along well two, so that will be alot of fun. It's crazy that we leave to the field a week from tomorrow! I'm ready though. Our district above us just left this morning, so now we are the oldest in the zone. I see Sam and Austin everyday, at least once a day. I haven't had a chance to get pictures with them yet but I have the next week to do that. I have some cool pictures and videos on my camera, so i might just send the memory card home when its full, or put them on a cd or something. I'll figure it out. Oh, and tomorrow, I volunteered to say the closing prayer in the big mtc fireside. A general authority will be speaking to us, so that will be a cool experience to meet him. It could be one of the twelve. I know Elder Ballard and Elder Holland do those firesides pretty often. I was really sad to hear about Whitney and Megan! How are they doing? And Mom, yeah I think Megan's "golden ticket" to heven is a two-person pass. Mom, you can go ahead and foreward me the emails from the other missionaries and I will read what I can. Times up! Love you, Elder Vogan

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