Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Mon 4/27/09 3:15 PM--MTC
Hey Mom and Dad, this is my email that I can use while at the MTC. I will be able to get on each Monday while I am here. The MTC is awesome! I said a lot already in the letter I sent to you guys a few days ago. Did you get that? Since being here, I feel like it is definitely a blessing to be going on an English speaking mission. It seems like all of the missionaries I talk to who are learning a language are pretty stressed out and they don't talk like they are having too much fun. They all say they can't wait to get out of here. I'm already sad that we will be leaving in a couple weeks, I'm really enjoying the experience. My district and zone are awesome. One of the guys from Mesa who went through the temple with me when Talmage went through is actually in my zone (Corbin Buckley), so thats pretty funny. His district is leaving on Wednesday to the field, and they all seem ready to go. Everyone in the zone calls me either "Elder Moroni" or "Elder Nephi" because of my big arms, haha. I'll take it! Captain Moroni is my hero, so thats pretty cool. It will be cool to get some new Elders in our zone on Wednesday, so we won't be the new guys anymore. Learning to teach people is a whole different thing than I thought it would be. It isn't about being profound or sounding smart, it's about being able to explain the basic truths simply and confidently. It was tougher for me, during this first week, to explain what I want to say without getting too deep into the doctorine or getting too far off the main topic. I have also been working on the "Uh"s and "Um"s. I'm starting to get used to these fourteen hour work days finally. The first couple of days seemed like a week long each, but now they probably feel about two days long each. It's cool to be able to fit so many things in to each day, and I'm really trying to make the most of every minute. I hope everything is going well there at home! And I hope to hear from you guys soon - I'm one of the only guys who haven't gotten anything in the mail... So, I will email next week, and reply to any letters you send! Love you Elder Vogan

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  1. I am so glad you have put together a blog. I can check-out Taylor's "news" at my leisure. I think you have Preston's? I am told - You can link his to Taylor's, if you want, and I can do the same on Preston's. I will have to figure out how to do it. www.elderpsmith.blogspot.com
    Sounds like Taylor his loving his mission already!