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Mon 6/29/09 2:07 PM
Thank you for your B-Day wishes! The package that hasn't come yet, but I'll probably get it later today. Thank you for that too! I'm up to 68 push ups, so I guess that means I've been out for 68 days. It's good to hear the update for the family, so that I know you guys are doing alright. Oh and I got a knock knock joke for Jordan, "knock knock... Acai (ah sigh ee)... acai yesterday walkin' your dog.. mhmmh." Haha he'll probably be the only one besides Elder Vance and Jordan Bailey who'll think that's funny.

Anyway, this week was a good one. It was really hot most of the days though; it felt much worse than AZ too because of the humidity. But today it feels good, Happy Birthday to me! It will be perfect for playing football in a little while. A couple major highlights were with Doug and Nate.

Doug is a 54 year-old biker dude, who now works as a private investigator, and he was only a potential investigator of the Church before last Tuesday. Before he would usually just carry on casual conversation with us when we would stop by, but we didn't really teach him too much. But on Tuesday, he was really open, and we were able to have a really good lesson with him. He was curious about our quad combo scriptures, and he really liked the footnotes, bible dictionary, and maps that we have; so after we left he went online and bought a set and a case from the Chicago distribution center. It was crazy when we heard about that the next day when he called us. We met with him again on Friday and Saturday, and he even came to church with us on Sunday. He really enjoyed the talks that were given (and they were really good), but he thought that our hymns are way too slow. He thinks they should be double time. Since he was dressed a little less formal, people noticed him, and the members of the ward were really nice and friendly in welcoming him. In the gospel principles class, he participated more than alot of people in the room too, which I thought was cool. He told a few people that he would be coming again next week. And he wanted us to come by again on Tuesday (tomorrow), so we are excited for that.

Nate set a new baptism date, but this time it is for sure, for sure. He even announced it during the second and third meetings, so that is really cool. We weren't too sure if we would even be here to see him baptized. He's already working with his girlfriend's family in setting up his baptism. Also, it was cool to see him meet and talk to Doug a little bit at church and to hear him tell Doug to "follow my lead". They actually have a lot in common too, so we will try to bring Nate with us to teach him soon.

One last thing I'll tell you about: On Wednesday, we were invited to eat dinner with a less active/part member family, and they took us to have a picnic at the beach of Muskego Lake. Every Wednesday night they have a cool ski show where local ski teams put on a show for the community each week. It was really fun. We also ate with this family's neighbors who aren't members, and they were really cool. After dinner, we played soccer with all their middle school to high school aged kids. It was cool. They are having us again on the Fourth of July to go ride rollercoaters, I can't wait!

Okay well that's it for this week! I'm glad to hear about Whitney and her trainer! And I'm glad Megan still remembers who I am! I'll be looking for that package! Thanks again!

Love you! Elder Vogan

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