Friday, July 3, 2009


Fri. 7/3/09
Hi Amy,

The Elders came over for dinner last night. It was nice to see them again. I'm sorry to say, it's been a few weeks. But, in that time they both sure have grown spiritually. Elder Vogan is growing into a wonderful missionary. Elder Vance is a great trainer/teacher. They make an amazing companionship!

From your blog, I got the feeling that Elder Vogan may play the piano, so I asked him. He said he knows Stairway to Heaven. I even happen to have the Elder Vogan played while Elder Vance sang - very nice voice. I told them they should sing and play for sacrament meeting...a different song of course.

We had shishkabob for dinner and the fruit pizza for dessert - only I made a flag out of it instead. As soon as Elder Vance saw it, he put his hand on his heart:) Silly guys.

Hope you enjoy the pictures! By the way, we were talking about the best things to get from home and both Elders agreed that getting photos from home is a great gift. So, there's hint for you. What we do with Zak is he bought an extra memory card for his camera and he sends one home at a time on occasion with pictures. Not sure what kind of camera Elder Vogan has, but there's another idea.

Take care and Happy 4th!


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