Monday, October 19, 2009


Mon 10/12/09 9:17 AM
Family, Wow, it sounds like you guys are having an awesome time! I hope Jordan has a Happy Birthday! Man, I sure want to go out and check out that place in a couple years. Definitely let me know how it goes with that guy's potential business opportunity. I wish I knew exactly how much is in my bank account, so I don't overdraft... Today is going to be our shopping day because I need gloves, hats, sweaters, long underwear, socks, and maybe boots. It is starting to get pretty cold- 30's and 40's during the day. With the ipod, you don't need to worry about headphones or anything, but the computer usb cord would be helpful. There is an itunes account on one of the office computers with a bunch of really good talks, firesides, and music, so I want to have that before I get transferred far from the office.

Well we finished off the bread and have half a jar of jam left. The Du Charmes like that as much as I do! This week went pretty well. Almost all of our "numbers" for the week were really good.. except for the most important ones. Both of our baptism dates are canceled, and we haven't been able to set a new date with Doug yet. Steve started to get an attitude near the end of last week: he chose not to come to conference last weekend, and since then he hasn't been calling us back after we call or seem like he cares at all anymore. It's hard not to get discouraged when that happens. So, we are going to be giving him a break for at least a week, unless he decides to call us.

Zak also decided to "jump off the wagon". And we are realizing that is because it really has been just like a wagon ride for him towards his baptism, and he is not showing his commitment. He chose not to come to church yesterday, and he told his mom he didn't want to do it anymore. The Sisters stopped by yesterday before church and told me about that, and it knocked the air out of me. It's really tough when all we do is care about these people and spend so much time planning for them to help them be happier. But we spent some time with Zak and his family last night after church, and it is still hopeful but not as soon as were thought.

Doug is finally seeing a need for him to truly repent and have a change of heart before he can be baptized. And I am actually more happy to wait for him to pray about a date that he believes he can be ready for, than to set another one that would not be as sturdy.

We had a really good week with lessons and referrals though, on the bright side. And we actually found three new investigators to add to our teaching pool! To of them were referred to us by Sister Kabitzke (Rich's wife). It was a really cool experience. We went to both referrals, one right after another, and both said they would be interested in learning more and set up a time for us to visit them and their families this week. We will be teaching Maureen and her family tonight. She is very promising because she attended Rich's baptism and loved it, and she seems very humble and teachable.

Well I have 10 minutes before my session will close to write President. I hope you guys continue to have a great vacation, and a safe one as well! Love you

Elder Vogan

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