Monday, February 15, 2010


Mon 2/15/10 9:09 AM
Thank you for the nice Valentine's Day card! I didn't think I would get anything. I loved hearing about Dad's assistant; that is really awesome! I hope everyone's week went well!

This week went pretty well for us. We had a lot of non-members/investigators at church yesterday - 6 people came. And we were able to involve the members of Manitowoc and Chilton in our teaching alot more this week as well. Throughout my mission, coordinating lessons with members hasn't ever really been a strong point for me, but I know if we do it, we will be more successful. I hope Jordan is taking opportunities to go out with the missionaries! I know I regret not going out with them before my mission. Elder Lester talks about going out with them all the time, and everyone can tell because he is so much more prepared and such a great teacher - especially for only being out 4 months.

It's kinda sad thinking that we would have had three baptisms on Saturday and confirmations yesterday, if only the three sisters could get to church. We feel like they are ready, but it is their mom who isn't ready for them to be baptized. I think she, like alot of people, feels like her daughters need to know and understand every little thing about the gospel before they can be baptized. And we do our best to help our investigators be prepared to make that covenant of being baptized. The real learning comes after the baptism though.

Well, love you! Have a great week!

Elder vogan

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