Monday, February 8, 2010


Mon 2/08/10 9:08 AM
Well, I actually didn't get anything from Mom yet this week, but maybe by the time I'm done writing this email I'll get something like other times when that has happened. Haha, yeah that was an icicle from off the roof of the church building. And it was even bigger before part of it broke off! This winter hasn't been too bad at all. And people were trying to make me worried about it... Maybe next winter will bring more of the winter I was expecting.

Haha, Elder Caldwell is funny! We got a couple calls from other Elders in other areas telling us that President had used our messages at zone conference too. Now there is some expectation from those missionaries expecting to hear about more baptisms from our area. (Which is good for me. Whatever adds motivation) That Hmong family that had the three girls commiting to be baptized was not the same family that gave me the Hmong name, but they are really cool. An issue did arise with them yesterday when they didn't come to church. Their mom, who is a member, decided to take them to Sheboygan for a birthday party Saturday night, and they decided not to come home for church. We told the girls that in order to be baptized on the 13th they would have to show their commitment by coming to church, so we are pretty sure we will be pushing the date until we can see that they do actually desire to be baptized. They are old enough to make that choice, and we are disappointed that their mom wasn't more helpful because she knew they should have been at church. But who knows, maybe we will be surprised to hear that they went to church in Sheboygan.

Good luck with the hunting draw, and congratulations to Jordan! Who's the lucky girl? I hope you guys have an awesome week!

Elder Vogan

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